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Apex Marine Electric Pontoons!  Qwest LS, Qwest Adventure, Qwest Edge and Gillgetter Series of Electric Pontoons! 2017 Models In Stock and Ready for your Private Lake!!

2017 Qwest LS Q3 Gen II Fusion Triple Tube Performance Pontoon Boat by Apex Marine

It's true: some pontoon boats are meant to be sassy. To that end, we're pleased to introduce our new Fusion High-performance, triple tube package. Three 23-inch diameter pontoons with lifting strakes and tunnel hull provide optimum buoyancy, stability and lift for a decidedly smoother ride. The result is robust responsive
performance with less horsepower. And need we say, an exhilarating good time. You're welcome!

Package includes:

• Three 25" diameter pontoons for increased stability, buoyancy and strength

• Lifting strakes offer quick planing and better control

• Tunnel hull aluminum under skin reduces drag and creates a smoother ride with higher top end speeds

• Standard 8' wide deck

• Heavy-duty nose cones with integrated guards

• Seastar Hydraulic Steering

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Germaine Marine Showroom
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Tige Showrrom! Tige Showroom Tige Showroom Showroom

In Stock Boats for Sale!
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Used Boats? We have them! 2014 Qwest LS 818 XRE Q3 TT ( ... 2014 Tige R20 ( In-Stock & On ... 2014 Tige Z3 ( In-Stock & On S... 2014 Tige RZ4 ( In-Stock & On ...
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Used 2013 Tige Z3 Black-Tanger... Used 2013 Tige Z3 White-Black-... Used 2013 Tige RZ2 White-Aqua-... Used 2013 Tige RZ4 White-Grap... Used 2013 Tige Z3 Electric Blu...
photo.jpg p1060419_zpsdd5e83b6.jpg p1060409_zpsb5b2df06.jpg p1060264_zpsc31c433e.jpg 3g13ld3j95i65lc5m9cbd97f178b27b1511ca.jpg
Used 2013 Tige Z3 Steel Blue-... Used 2010 Tige RZ2 ( Sold ) Used 2005 Tige 22V Limited 1997 Sea Ray 260 Signature ( S... 1979 Bohner 19'ft Jet Boat
p1060375_zps46ab254a.jpg 1.jpg p_001.jpg p1040728.jpg p1050448_zps7f00fcea.jpg
1987 Sea Ray 205 Monaco 2013 Larson LSR 2300 ( On Sale... 2013 Larson LX 205 S ( On Sale... 2013 Larson LX 160 S ( On Sale... 2013 Larson LSR 2000 ( On Sale...
2013 Larson LX 195 S ( On Sale...

On the Water Action
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Tige Surf Tige Surf Tige Surf Tige Surf Tige Surf
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Tige Z3 Surf Tige Z3 Surf Tige Surf Tige R20 & RZR Surf! Tige RZ Surf
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Air Time More Air Time Tige Surf Lake Powell

RV's for Sale!
1995 Bounder 25U
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